Traditional Italian Food: Top 6 Foods to Eat in Italy


Traditional Italian food is popular for its simplicity. It has also a heavy focus on seasonal, fresh, and quality ingredients. Italian dishes, preparation methods, and also elements have influenced mainly other palettes throughout the world. Italy is considered to be the home of ragu, pasta, and pizza.

Vegetables, tomatoes, fish, meat, cheese, pasta, and also olive oil are significant elements in Italian cuisine. There are as many as ten courses served in one Italian meal, including antipasto, dolce, primo, and also operative. So, here you go, below you will find some of the must-try Italian recipes:

Traditional Italian Food: Top 6 Foods to Eat in Italy
Traditional Italian Food: Top 6 Foods to Eat in Italy

Traditional Italian Food: Lasagne

This dish is probably one popular recipe that has evolved over the years. It is also famous across the world. The origin of this dish traces back to Emilia-Romagna, where you can still savor its authentic version. This recipe includes veggies and beef ragu layered between béchamel sauce and pasta sheets. Mozzarella or parmesan cheese varieties are used as a topping, and it is oven-baked.

Traditional Italian Food: Risotto

Italy does not hold an excellent reputation for serving delicious rice dishes. Nevertheless, Risotto is an unreserved and exclusive part of traditional food in Italy. With its origin in North Italy, this creamy rice recipe is prepared in broth with butter, wine, onion, and saffron. They also add vegetables, fish, and meat-based in the region where you are eating it. Other add-ons include cuttlefish, shrimp, peas, chicken, chorizo, bacon, and mushroom.

Spaghetti Carbonara

It is yet another classic Italian dish consisting of generous amounts of spaghetti cooked along with guanciale, black pepper, cheese, and also egg. This dish speaks of the simplicity of Italian cooking superbly. However, the difficulty involved in preparing this recipe is that one misuse or replacement of ingredients, and you will have a lousy carbonara.


If you are in the lookout of something typical to the Italian culture, then you must try out Arancini. It is a dish featuring balls of stuffed rice covered in breadcrumbs and then fried. Initially, this dish was for making use of leftover Risotto by merely creating an exclusive Italian snack. You can also make it using meat sauce ragu, tomatoes, peas, mozzarella, béchamel sauce. You can also add mushroom, pistachios, and aubergine.

Ragù Alla Bolognese

Do not take it as Spaghetti Bolognese as all the other individuals do. While Spaghetti Bolognese is a dish from Italy, many do not know that it is Ragù Alla Bolognese that is authentically Italian. Nevertheless, there are certain similarities between Ragù Alla Bolognese and also Spaghetti Bolognese in that there is extensive use if fresh tagliatelle.

Traditional Italian Food: Top 6 Foods to Eat in Italy
Traditional Italian Food: Top 6 Foods to Eat in Italy

Neapolitan Pizza

Italy is popular for its pizzas, but there can be nothing more delicious than the Neapolitan Pizza. With its origin in Naples, this authentic pizza is now officially registered as the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed dish of Italy. They have taken an initiative for protecting and also promoting its original recipe. It is a simple recipe consisting of dough base in combination with mozzarella cheese, olive oil, tomatoes, and also fresh basil.