Tips For Making Your Pizza Healthier And Delicious


Italy is a country of yummy and healthy treats and cuisine. Italian food is also loved in many other countries. One of the best Italian dishes is pizza that is also a favorite dish worldwide. It comes at the top of the Italian cuisine list just because of its healthier and satisfying flavors. So, you can treat yourself with this enticing cuisine anytime to fulfill your cravings. Most people prefer ordering pizza from Italian restaurants while some love to bake and eat fresh pizza at home. Well, it is true that for health-conscious persons, this Italian cuisine has some surprising hearty nutrients.


How to Make Healthy and Yummy Pizza?

Having a tasty and healthy pizza is a blessing. Italian restaurants offer the authentic pizza to the foodies, but sometimes, it’s good to bake your own. Here, we are going to share some tips to make a healthful and yummiest pizza ever.

  • Use of Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour has fibers and is full of nutrition. On the other hand, white flour is refined. Hence, using wheat flour is tasty and healthy. Making a crust with whole wheat flour will leave your tummy full for a longer time.

  • Prefer Homemade Tomato Sauce

Readymade sauces especially used in restaurants are full of sugar and preservatives, are not so healthy. So, prefer using homemade tomato sauces. Making tomato sauce at home using onions and veggies will enhance the flavor with nutritive values.

  • Use Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Fresh buffalo cheese is not only delicious but has only 22% fat. Unlike other cheeses, it is healthful and yummy to serve your cravings. But, keep in mind that only a limited amount of any cheese is appreciated for a good pizza. There is no need to load your pizza with tons of cheese, though it is also not the traditional and original way.

  • Embrace Loads of Veggies

An original pizza is a base for veggies. We are probably eating the western version of pizza that comes with a lot of meat and cheese. However, for a healthier and delightful taste, you should add a lot of greens and other veggies.

  • Serve With Salads

Just like Italian meatballs, pizza is a heavy enough dish to fulfill your hunger. But with a salad, it works wonders for your body and mind. Moreover, eating in limited portions will improve your health and keep you active for long.

  • Choose Flavorful Additions

Italian cuisine is known for its flavorful and unique combos. Pizzas have so much to play with flavors. Instead of putting a lot of meat and other unhealthy toppings, it’s better to add a healthy combo. So, you can use zucchini, spinach, basil, and kale, etc. to make your pizza a healthy treat.


Final Words:

Italian food is a must-try whenever you visit Italy. Pizza is the most popular dish and you can find it anywhere in the world. But, the only authentic taste and healthier factors can be found in Italy. Also, baking your combo with the fresh fragrance of veggies and cheese will leave you happier and healthier. The tips we have mentioned are extremely helpful to satisfy your taste buds and maintaining your diet plan. So, enjoy your freshly baked pizza with a bowl full of your favorite salad.

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