Things You Didn’t Know About Italian Food

Things You Didn’t Know About Italian Food

Italy is a beautiful country famous for its rich heritage, art, culture and of course the amazing food. Italian cuisines are amongst the most celebrated foods in the world. They are popular in a lot of other countries too. There have been many variations and changes that have blended in terms of Italian food. Every country gives an indigenous touch to it. Sometimes it is the colour or the flavour, Italian food goes through a lot of creativity and experimentation. People have a unique love for Italian food and that is why it has a huge fan base.
If you are also a fan of Italian food and love to droll over it, here are some interesting facts about it that you should know.

Things You Didn’t Know About Italian Food
Things You Didn’t Know About Italian Food

Facts To Know About Italian Food

  • Spaghetti and meatballs are not originally a part of Italian food. Although both these are the most renowned Italian dishes in the world, they are not Italian.
  • Pizza is the favourite of a lot of people. But do you know, traditional Italian pizza is the one that has a thin crust.
  • We know that breakfast is the important meal of the day but in italy, it is not like that.Italians prefer having a light breakfast. They only have a cup of milky tea or coffee as breakfast. This is so because they like to save their appetite for lunch. For Italians , lunch that is an important meal. Their lunch tends to be heavy ones with a variety of dishes.
  • Pepperoni pizza did not have its origin in Italy. It originated in the USA. A fun fact is that the word pepperoni with only one P refers to meatballs in Italian language.

Some More Important Facts

  • There exist around 600 different shapes of pasta all over the world. The shape of the pasta depends upon the type of dish that is prepared. Pasta shapes and sizes are designed in a very creative way in some countries. For instance, during the Christmas season, it is given the shape of stars, snowflakes and so on.
Things You Didn’t Know About Italian Food
Things You Didn’t Know About Italian Food
  • Pasta is a regular dish in every Italian household. They have pasta for at least one meal in a day.
  • An average of 51 pounds of pasta is eaten every year. The amazing fact is that all these are consumed by a single person in a year.
  • Garlic is not a popular ingredient in Italy. Italian dishes rarely contain any garlic. This is the reason why you don’t find a lot of garlic bread or garlic butter in Italy. Italians are not at all fond of garlic. If needed they use it only in a small quantity.
  • Italians begin their meal by saying “Buon Appetite”.
  • Eating and walking are not allowed to be done simultaneously in Italy. People do not even use their mobile phones while eating in public or a group. They believe that such gestures are disrespectful to the food and also the one who has cooked it.
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