Tasty Italian Pasta Dishes: A Taste Of Italy In Your Home Cooking

Tasty Italian Pasta Dishes: A Taste Of Italy In Your Home Cooking

Italian food is a group of foods from Italy and throughout the world. The origin of this cuisine was in Sicily. Sicily is the home of the Medici family famous for the art of making fine food. People knew Italians for their skill at pastry baking and they loved to eat such delicacies such as tasty Italian pasta dishes, Quiches, Chianti, Marsala wine, Veal Parmesan, Carbonara, Cipollini (Tri-Tip), Fresh Fish, Chocolate and Prosciutto.

More About Italian Food

Italian Food – Desserts or Pasta? When was the first time you had a pastry or a baked good that was cooked in wine?

Tasty Italian Pasta Dishes: A Taste Of Italy In Your Home Cooking
Tasty Italian Pasta Dishes: A Taste Of Italy In Your Home Cooking

Typical dessert or pasta dishes were not created until the Renaissance when the Italians began to import coffee and the good weather helped produce more olive oil than in any other area of Italy. That combination created bread, pasta, and dessert that we know as Italian food.

Traditional Italian Desserts include: Pizza, Pasta, Fruits, Nuts, Cheese, Vegetables, Spices, Juices, Salads, Soups, Meat and Fish dishes, Breads, Salads, Fruit and Vegetable dishes and the best Italian recipes include pizza, pasta, fettuccine Alfredo, tomato sauce, garlic bread, spaghetti, risotto, and cheese – maybe even garlic bread. In addition, you can always have fish on the table but you must also have sauce and veggies and meat.

Traditional pasta dishes included: Lasagna, Rice, Pasta, Pappardelle, Pasta Ricotta, Spaghetti Carbonara, Lasagna, etc. The lasagna is always served with garlic, olive oil, cheese, and a lot of herbs and spices. Your Italian grandmother would never serve such a mouthwatering meal without all those things. But for today’s generation who desire a healthier and tastier diet, we must use Italian ingredients for the preparation of your Pasta Dishes.

The history of the American restaurant started with a pizza, then cheesecake, now it’s Pasta. Today, you will find great Italian foods and tasty Italian Pasta Dishes as part of your daily diet. You can even find them at the casual restaurant or as a dinner party. Some favorite dishes of this type are:

Some Famous Italian Food

Pizza – There is something that makes pizza taste just like pizza. No matter what the ingredients, they are all tasty. Often times when people think of Italian foods they think of Pizza. This easy to make appetizer or dessert makes even more sense when Italian is the language spoken and the ingredients used.

Pasta – The pasta is the foundation of the dish and gives the dish it’s flavor. Even though you can find many variations of the pasta, they all taste great in their own right. The traditional ingredients are usually eggplant, squash, zucchini, beef, chicken, and turkey. You can also use all meat dishes, veggie dishes, and salads to make the menu more interesting.

Seafood – Many restaurants specialize in seafood dishes and that is the name of the game. A wide variety of seafood dishes are made and served throughout the world. This is not just Italian food but seafood can be enjoyed by anyone who loves good food.

Crackers – When most people think of Italian foods they think of potatoes and peppers. Yes, both of these foods are part of Italian food but in a different way than many think. Cheesy corn or cornbread is an Italian favorite and people eat them with crackers, which is another Italian invention.

Tasty Italian Pasta Dishes: A Taste Of Italy In Your Home Cooking
Tasty Italian Pasta Dishes: A Taste Of Italy In Your Home Cooking

Churros – the Mexican creation of fried dough filled with a sweet chocolate sauce. The churros are just as popular today as they were a century ago. When Churros first came out, it took years to make them. Most restaurants in the world offer churros and the Italian Pasta Dishes, Pizza, Ricotta, Spaghetti, Chicken, etc. They also offer some baked specialty, lasagna and fettuccine alfredo, and many Italian desserts.


Just like any other type of food, there are some Traditional Italian Food dishes that are favorites among many Italian’s. That’s why many Italians will travel far and wide in search of delicious Italian food.

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