Surprising Facts About African American Food Culture – How Present Day America Is Connected With Africa

There is an unbroken line between Africa and Present-day America, and the African American Food Culture represents that unbroken line. Almost all the American cuisine, even apple pie, is fusion food. Very long time back, European colonists brought almost all the apple trees, which originated in Asia. And different other foods came from different other lands. Pizza, tacos, and hamburgers came from Italy, Mexico, And Germany, respectively. Indigenous foodways enabled early settlers in America to survive. Also, the influence of enslaved Africans shaped our culinary heritage, especially in the South. This African American Food Culture is a kind of fitting lens that can help you in exploring African American history. Adrian Miller, a writer and soul food scholar, said that almost all America’s customs, their way of looking at the food and seasoning, and many other things are straight from Africa.

A plate of food on a table

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