Sandwich- The Tastiest Sandwich In Town

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Every sandwich has its own story. Each sandwich in town has a story to tell about its maker, and about the ingredients that make up that sandwich in town. And when you see the freshest and tastiest sandwiches in town, why not come along for the ride?

Sandwich- The Tastiest Sandwich In Town
The Tastiest Sandwich In Town

The Sandwich Story

The sandwich story begins at the table. Where the story begins determines the tale to be told at the next table. The story of the first sandwich starts from where the first sandwich was made.

Every story begins with an idea. When you arrive at your table and hear the story of your very first sandwich in town, I want you to picture yourself at the table of the first customer who had a great idea about what to do to make his or her sandwich special. Perhaps it was the freshness of the bread. Perhaps it was the use of fresh herbs and/or olives.

When you picture yourself at that table, imagine the same table as that first customer. He or she is already there and can taste the sandwich. There is the host or hostess, whose party is about to begin.

From the table comes the famous bread. Each sandwich maker in your party can relate to the smell of that bread and the glorious taste of that bread. They can remember how delicious it was, how fresh, and how beautifully it was placed on the table. How the bread was baked or served is up to the baker. But the way the bread is prepared and tasted is up to the sandwich maker.

The Use Of Cheese

Then, the interesting toppings were chosen for each sandwich. The bread was sweet and delicious, but there was no added sweetness in the toppings. For example, black olives are delicious and go well with just about any kind of bread. Many Italian sandwiches are topped with these ingredients. Cheese also adds to the flavor and richness of a sandwich. Marmite adds the crunch and saltiness that are essential for any sandwich to be successful.

Fresh herbs and olives add to the freshness of any sandwich. These ingredients are the heart and soul of any sandwich. They are all important because they make the sandwich unique and more interesting.

Meat Lovers

The meats are a matter of choice. Meat lovers can now add to their meaty delights by adding breaded chicken or using chicken breast, ham, or bacon. Even fish is not out of the question, so long as the bread is done in a different way than the roast.

Many people prefer the use of bread instead of rolls because it is much easier to shape and eat than bread rolls. Not only does it fit better, but it is a little easier to handle, and a little lighter on the pocket. When the bread is cut into rounds, it is much easier to move from one place to another at the party.

For those who enjoy spreading their toppings on the top of the sandwich spread, it is possible to add your favorite cheese. Cheese is a really easy addition to any sandwich, and it goes perfectly with many of the ingredients mentioned above. Cheese adds to the freshness of a sandwich, and the butter adds richness and provides a nice contrast to the spicy peppers and onions.

The Jarred Tomatoes

When the topping is dry, Jarred tomatoes are an ideal addition to a sandwich. Many of us have had a terrific Italian sandwich and wished that we could recreate that wonderful sandwich all over again, except that it was served with fresh tomatoes. When you can’t get hold of fresh tomatoes, Jarred tomatoes are the way to go.

Sandwich- The Tastiest Sandwich In Town
The Tastiest Sandwich In Town

Sandwiches are the perfect way to enjoy the flavors of Italian restaurants while enjoying some variety to your party. Let the sandwich spread out over the whole table and share the stories of your personal favorite sandwich. When you are finished, take a picture of your best sandwich and present it to the host, and hostess of your party.

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