No Stove Pasta Cooker

$42.98 $29.98

No need to suffer from cooking and draining pasta with the No Stove Pasta Cooker
It has a thermal lid to ensure that the pasta cooks at the perfect temperature
The self-securing strainer makes sure that the past does not fall from the container
Made from high-quality, food-grade plastic
Package includes 1 unit of the No Stove Pasta Cooker


No Stove Pasta Cooker

No more waiting in front of the stove for a delicious plate of spaghetti. The No Stove Pasta Cooker is the answer to all the impatience and pains that you get from cooking pasta. Most of us have considered pasta as their comfort food; however, they do not consider cooking it as a comfort. You get trouble just by fitting in the noodles into the pot or burning your hand from draining it. This product lets you enjoy perfect, pain-free pasta without going out to your favorite restaurant or calling in for a delivery. It cooks the pasta directly into the container. You also get to drain them on the same container too. It definitely is hassle-free and pain-free. Now you can really call it your comfort food.

The No Stove Pasta Cooker has an innovative tube that uses thermal conductivity to keep the pasta cooking even if it is not on the stovetop. The water retains at the temperature up to the moment that it is time to drain. It makes sure that the pasta comes out al dente and perfect for consumption.

This product does not just cook pasta. It is also perfect for other food like peas, broccoli, and asparagus that is good for you. You can also cook proteins like shrimp if you want to eat a complete meal. Surprisingly, you can also cook sausages and hotdogs without the oil. How cool is that?

No Need For Stove? How Is It Possible?

Using it is easy breezy. Just place the pasta in the container together with boiling water. Attach the strainer and the thermal lid and watch it as it cooks right before your eyes. Draining is easy since you just need to remove the thermal lid and strain straight out from the container. You do not have to worry about cleanup because this product is dishwasher safe.


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