Pasta Strainer – Do You Really Need One?

pasta strainer

If you are a pasta lover, a pasta strainer must be a significant utensil in your kitchen. Without draining the pasta, you can’t proceed with your pasta recipe further. Therefore, it aids in draining out all the water from the pasta. You can use the water in the pasta for preparing the sauce because it has plenty of starch in it and it will help you to emulsify your sauce. But, if you leave the pasta in the water, it will make it soggy. So, it is very important to use a strainer to remove the majority of the water.

Pasta Strainer

Why Do You Really Need A Pasta Strainer

Imagine the situation in which you are about to drain out all the water of the pasta without utilizing a pasta strainer. Well, it may be a less costly method to use. However, this method is lethal. You can splash the hot water on your dress and on your body. It may burn your skin badly and your kitchen will be a total mess.

On the other hand, pasta strainer is a safe, efficient, and reliable gadget for your kitchen. If you don’t use a strainer, the pasta will continue to overcook, making it an unfit for a cold dressing salad and Alfredo pasta.

Types of Pasta Strainer

There are a plethora of strainers with different shapes and sizes available in the market. The two most prominent and famous pasta strainers are discussed below.

  1. Pasta Strainer Heat Resistant Colander

Pasta strainer heat resistant colander is one of the most efficient and top-notch strainers in the market. It is made up of silicone and it is very safe to use. It has a universal design which comes with two clips. You can fit this strainer heat resistant pasta colander in any pot. In addition, it is light in weight and is a portable feature that enables you to remove any excess water very easily.

  • New House Collapsible Over The Sink Silicone Strainer

This user-friendly strainer is multi-functional. You can easily drain excess water from pasta, fruit, and vegetables. The outlook of this pasta strainer is very attractive and is super easy to clean. Hence, it is available in $17 and comes with a unique feature of scalable folding.

Pasta Strainer

Bottom Line

A Pasta strainer is a lifesaver. Most people don’t know how to use it correctly. Well, instead of draining out all the water by putting a strainer on the sink, the correct way is put to a strainer at the top of the pot and tip it over. Also, this will save you from additional splashing of hot water and your pasta stay away from spilling over the dirty sink.

Well, make sure you rinse your pasta with cold water after removing the excess amount of water. Some people may find this new way a bit difficult because you have to hold two things at the same time. However, this method will save you from spilling your precious pasta on the dirty sink and floor. If you are traditionally using a strainer, give a try to this new method.

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