Pasta Maker/ Machine Buying Tips You Should Know

How do you choose a Pasta Maker? This question is posed to me all the time. It is a tough choice as each one is a unique design and some are better than others. The dilemma can be compounded by a lack of information about different Pasta Machines available to you.

Pasta Maker/ Machine Buying Tips You Should Know
Pasta Maker/ Machine Buying Tips You Should Know

There are so many choices when it comes to Pasta Graters, Frying pans, Skillet cookers, etc. However, the best decision may be the simple rule of thumb that you want to buy a Pasta Machine that serves your purpose.

For example, are you a serious Pasta Eater? Or, are you only cooking a couple of pasta a year? Then, why pay for Pasta maker appliances when you can buy a pre-made Pasta mix or make your own? Yes, both ways are great choices and I will not dismiss them but if your goal is serious Pasta production or just occasional meals then a Pasta maker is for you.

Features Of Quality Pasta Maker

Another choice you may have is to look for quality machines that will last. Most of the good ones will be made with high-quality materials. In other words, they are not cheaply made. The very best machines will still be made of good materials.

Finally, you might consider the amount of space you have available for the machine. If you have limited space, then you might want to look for a smaller model that will fit your needs.

Kitchen Size

Kitchen size is often an issue but it is important to remember that it also depends on how much food you prepare. That is, a large commercial kitchen should have at least three Pasta Makers. However, it is best to avoid an over-sized machine in a small kitchen. If you must, then purchase a small model with separate bowls for your Filling and Sauce.

When it comes to sauces, Pasta Meats, etc, remember that the sauce needs to be mixed and handled very carefully. It is much easier to handle small quantities of sauce in a small model.

Does the Pasta Maker you select have a Skillet? This will simplify and expedite the prep work you do in the kitchen. Skillets are ideal for preparing and cooking all the specialty Pasta that may need extra care for there Pasta storage. Therefore, a Skillet is really a must in my opinion.

How much kitchen space does the machine have? Even though you may have a large bowl to hold your larger Pasta, a large bowl also takes up the most space in the kitchen. So, consider a smaller machine that only has a large bowl and a smaller skillet.

Pasta Maker/ Machine Buying Tips You Should Know
Pasta Maker/ Machine Buying Tips You Should Know

Keep in mind the number of people who will be using the machine in the kitchen. This is usually not an issue in larger commercial kitchens. However, if you are in a small kitchen, it is important to buy a larger model that will fit your needs.

Now, let’s talk about the accessories that may be available. Does the machine come with it an additional bowl or separate bowls? This is a bonus feature, especially for home use.

If you are purchasing a Pasta Machine for home use, remember that you should buy the best you can afford. Try to avoid buying a cheap model as they may break after a short time and the extras may be too expensive.

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