Homemade Pasta Tips: The Mistakes You Should Avoid

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It is true that homemade pasta tastes better than the mass-produced ones. However, it needs efforts and patience to make the perfect pasta at home. And if you fail to do it well, forget about enjoying tasty homemade pasta. Have you also made imperfect dough for pasta? Do you know exactly how long you should boil pasta? If you are facing any difficulty while making homemade pasta, read on. This article can help you with pasta making tips and mistakes to avoid while making pasta.

Pasta Homemade Tips And Mistakes To Know
Homemade Pasta Tips: The Mistakes You Should Avoid

Homemade Pasta Tips

Some Basics

Pasta making basics include mixing, cutting, and rolling. Start with semolina or all-purpose flour to make the dough. Well, you cannot make dough without using eggs. Also, you can add a little flavor to it by adding saffron, spinach, beets, and lemon. A food processor or hand is suitable for mixing the dough well.

Similarly, you can roll or cut the dough by using a pasta machine. There is no right shape for pasta, and you can shape it according to your style. For instance, you can make spaghetti or fettuccine. In addition to this, you can also make ravioli.

Storing Pasta

However, if you don’t want to cook fresh pasta, then save it well. Bake the pasta for few minutes and dust them with flour. Fold them loosely and dry for half an hour. Then pack them well and put them in the refrigerator. You can use frozen pasta for up to 2 weeks.

Cooking Pasta

While cooking the past, do not forget to add salt in the water. However, using the right amount of water will prepare the pasta better. And if you are cooking it fresh, then take care of time as new pasta cooks faster than dried one. Test whether it is ready or not using a fork. Al dente pasta tastes best than soft pasta.

On the other hand, you should let the ravioli simmer gently. Avoid boiling it.

Pasta Homemade Tips And Mistakes To Know
Homemade Pasta Tips: The Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes To Avoid

Wet Dough

More egg yolks indeed make a creamy pasta, but the mixture should not be too wet. Therefore, add a sufficient amount of liquid and eggs into the flour. Every time you add eggs, it should feel like you are adding more water. However, it is better to avoid adding it. Rather, knead the dough quickly. Keep the dough firm and not loose.

Tough Pasta

Pasta should be firm. It does not mean that you make a tight dough. Instead, it should be smooth enough to make rolling easier. Therefore, after kneading, leave the batter to settle. Let it rest for at least an hour.

Color Change

If you see color change in the pasta strips after a few hours, then you should use it immediately while it is fresh. However, if you want to use it later, then refrigerate the pasta.

Too Soon Into Water

Some people add the pasta at the beginning of the cooking process. Avoid doing it as the pasta will not cook properly. Moreover, it will become sticky if the water is not correctly hot. Therefore, check the water temperature and then add the pasta.

Use these tips and make a dish of delicious pasta.

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