L’Italiano In Australia


Immigration has taken place all over the world. Just like many Mexicans immigrating to America, a lot of Italians have migrated to Australia. This article is all about L’italiano In Australia or The Italians in Australia.

L’Italiano In Australia

Italians In Australia

Since the early 1800s, Italians planned to move to a new country for better opportunities and a better life. Naturally, Australian locals did not have much trust in the newly-migrated Italians, so they had to face a lot of distrust and hostility. Despite this resentment and suspicion, Italians held onto their presence and merged their culture with that of the Australians. The generations born after the first immigrants tell that they faced significantly less distrust or hostility compared to their parents or grandparents or great grandparents. It took the Italians some time to adjust but, as they say, to change is life.


They contributed not only in the workplaces or to the economy; the Italians also contributed their culture, language, and social values. These helped them in building an Italian-Australian lifestyle to take root. The Australians have seemingly accepted the new culture that the Italians introduced to them.

First Time Immigration

L’Italiano In Australia

During their first-time immigration, the Italians stayed faithful to their new home neighbors. As mentioned, they introduced their language and culture along with their habits to the new land. Again, the Australians had problems regarding trust and hostility issues. Fortunately, they were successful in merging their culture.

Seaways were the only possibility for the Italians to cross over, and that is what they did in mass numbers. Australians did not see that coming, so came the issues. The Government of Australia had to change some rules due to the new immigrants. The immigrants had accumulated their Italian practices, so the Australian Government had to show some softness to the new neighbors and granted them time to blend in and cooperate.

Food and Culture

The whole world knows about the delicacies Italians have to offer. Sure enough, the Italians have brought some gifts for the Australians. Reciprocally, the Australians showed their gratitude towards the Italian immigrants for their vast knowledge about food, cuisine and desserts. However, the new Italian-Australian food culture seems to be simplified a lot because the visitors only rose to the challenges sometime after migration. Pizzas are a prominent invention of the Italians that are currently ruling food chains all around the world. The use of cheese is only known to an Italian master chef, and so the Australians learned from them.


The Italians have their own culture, and so they had mixed themselves with the Australians, and they have succeeded well. For instance, celebrating Christmas in the summers was one of the harder things to adjust for the Italians as mentioned by some immigrants. However, Australia is known for its big heart and a variety of lifestyles. Italians are known for their sweet and kind nature. They blend together like water and sugar.