Lasagna- Method To Cook With Variations


Lasagna is one of the types of pasta and similar to pasta. It is also an Italian food or you can say that it the most comfortable and easiest version of pasta. It is one of the main and delicious dishes of Italian cuisine. Once it is made in good quantity, the whole family can share it. The recipe for lasagna is not so difficult to learn. You just have to add a few more things in a pasta recipe to prepare this enticing cuisine. There are many pasta recipes available online and you can select the best one for you.

Usually, lasagna pasta is cooked in the first place, and then it is layered with sauces, cheese, and meat is optional. Afterward, you need to place it in the oven for baking. This kind of pasta can be made with a lot of different sauces. You can also omit the cheese in a few recipes. Once you have learned how to cook this Italian dish, it is not difficult to cook it the second time.


Tips to Make Variations in lasagna:

It is not always necessary to add beef meat and red tomato sauce. You can bring variations in your lasagna that will make it more delicious. Below we are going to discuss some changes in the traditional lasagna recipe:

  • You can add a veggie burger patty instead of beef or Italian chicken as meatless burger patty are easily available in the market. This will bring the taste of vegetables in your food.
  • Instead of adding the same old traditional tomato sauce, try to add some white sauce and Alfredo sauce. You can prepare these sauces at home and then can refrigerate them for future usage.
  • Then, you should add some cooked zucchini between the layers of pasta or you can also add some yellow squash in between the noodles of lasagna.
  • Afterward, it’s time to add some spices in it. Like black pepper, red chili, few drops of lemon juice to the meat or sauce you have made for the meat. So that the sauce gets the flavor before layering of lasagna.
  • If you want some change, you can add tortillas and omit the noodles. This will make your lasagna the Mexican style.
  • You can also eggplant, instead of meat to make it more veggie and healthy.
  • Lastly, you can prepare both white and red lasagna by just adjusting and changing the sauces. Instead of tomato sauce, add Alfredo sauce. Thus, it will make your white lasagna ready to serve. It looks similar to pizza when you bake it in the oven with cheese.


Thus, the best Italian cuisine, lasagna is not so difficult to cook. You just have to learn the right recipe for making it delicious. When you know the perfect recipe, only you can do variations or changes in the recipe to make it more flavorful and something new to eat. Always try to do something new about food as the same old sauces and flavors make you bored from eating that food again.

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