Italian Food – What Makes It So Good?

Italian Food - What Makes It So Good

The history of Italian food has many stories to tell. Many of these stories are of hospitality, which you will find in this Italian guide to Italian Food.

Pasta is probably the oldest and most universal food in the world. From ancient Greece, pasta came to Italy where it was transformed and adapted into a variety of dishes. So, why is pasta so important to Italian Food?

Italian Food - What Makes It So Good?
Italian Food – What Makes It So Good?

Characteristics Of Pasta

Pasta is a tuberous root. It is made from the kernel of a bulbous plant. There are different kinds of pasta to suit all tastes and shapes. That’s why the dish actually changes all the time and that’s also the reason why Italian food dishes change over time. For example, spaghetti is said to be a dish from the Roman empire, but today we know that it comes from Naples and Sicily.

Pasta is often served with meat such as chicken, beef, or pork. When you combine the tomato sauce with noodles you get an instant classic Italian dish called lasagna. That’s how powerful spaghetti sauce is and how popular it is. Lasagna is also served in all manner of shapes, some without the noodles being necessary. You can have things like spaghetti with tomato sauce on the side as well.

Italian Food- Pasta

Pasta is one of the things that makes Italian food so versatile. You can serve it in all sorts of dishes as long as the base is filled with meat and cheese. This versatile food has been adapted again for years and centuries.

Pasta is not just a carbohydrate but it also makes a good source of protein. You can add a piece of tomato to your pasta dish and then eat it straight away. While it’s easy to do so, it will not be the best food for you to eat. If you are struggling with the idea of a tomato slice, why not take it a step further and try something like gnocchi.

You can serve your friend or your family gnocchi from your local Italian restaurant or shop. You might have to go and ask for some specific varieties, which are normally only found in one particular area.

Gnocchi: Italian Food

Gnocchi is actually small chunks of potato with small bits of cheese on them. You can just eat them straight away or you can top them with a little bit of tomato and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on them.

Pasta has also become a part of our cultural food in Naples. In fact, people from Naples would often eat while they were on business trips to other parts of Italy, their business trip to Paris, or their home to Naples.

So you see, pasta is not just a part of the traditional food of Naples, but it has been around for quite a while. It’s truly amazing that a tuber has become such a part of the lives of Italians.

Italian Food - What Makes It So Good?
Italian Food – What Makes It So Good?

Cheese and sausages are some of the most popular ingredients for traditional foods in Italy. Many of these dishes still originate from Naples, where they are paired with a delicious and traditional Italian sausage, meat, or fish. So the next time you order a pizza, order a sandwich.

It will not only make you more satisfied, but you will taste your own piece of Italian tradition. A delicious and exciting experience all in one.

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