Italian Food List You Should Explore – Tips For Your Next Italy Trip

Italian Food List

Italian cuisine is well known for its pasta dishes and pizza, and there is much more to it. Here is some mouthwatering Italian food list for you to try. If you know something about the Italian food list, you should be aware that they are easy, authentic Italian food that is satisfying, delicious, and soothing. There are so many Italian dishes that you can run out of stomach space, but not the yummy food choices.

Italian Food List – Calabrese Pizza and Spaghetti Alle Vongole

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Although there are different kinds of pizza found in the Italian food list, this one tops the list. The Calabrese pizza is sure to give you the true essence of Italian cuisine. This pizza consists of a thin crust, tomato sauce, cheese, etc. Besides, tasty ingredients such as soppressata and capicola are added, and spicy pepper with some mozzarella cheese. In Italy, this dish is extremely popular.

Spaghetti alle vongole is another dish that should be on the Italian food list. It is a rare, must-try spaghetti. It needs herbs and fresh tomatoes. There are many other ingredients added, such as garlic, white wine, clams, and pasta. While it is a very light dish, it in no way lacks in flavor. So if you ever want Tuscan food, this should be on your list of must-haves.

Lasagna and Caponata Alla Siciliana

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Lasagna is another important dish on the Italian food list. Lasagna is one of the most classic and popular types of pasta and one of the favorite comfort foods in Italian homes. It is baked by rotating the layers of thin pasta tubes, cheese, meat or vegetables, and sauce, this dish, which is available in Italian restaurants, has many other variations. The authentic lasagna that can be found in Italy consists of handmade pasta and includes either no or very little tomatoes, as it increases the taste of the fillings.

Another dish that tops the Italian food list and is great for all vegetarians out there is Caponata Alla Siciliana. This dish consists mainly of eggplant, which can be cooked in some stewed onion, tomato, and celery. You can find that it has a very basic appearance, but the mix of sweet, salty, and sour tastes that it carries with it is one that you will not be able to taste elsewhere.

Italian Food List – Ossobuco Alla Milanese

This food on the Italian food list corresponds to the preparation of hollowed bones in Milan. It is one of those meat dishes available in the city that are more richly seasoned. Traditionally, white wine, onions, and meat stock are used for cooking the veal shank slowly. This makes the fragrance and taste of the food so improved that if you are in Milan, you will not miss the dish.


Aside from the ones mentioned here, several other recipes are equally deserving of flavor. So you need to get hold of them and give them a shot. If you are looking for some interesting Italian dishes to explore, you have the list here.

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