Italian Food Facts: 14 Interesting Facts

14 Interesting Italian Food Facts

The very thought of the mouth-watering Italian food is a cherished memory. Every country’s respected culture plays a vital role in addition to creativity and color. Starting from the vastness of pasta to pizza, wine, gelato, and much such Italian food has a huge fan base all over the world. Italian food facts

14 Interesting Facts You Should Know

1.     Spaghetti And Meatballs- Not An Italian Delicacy

To begin with, the most famous and signature dish, Spaghetti, and Meatballs, unfortunately, is not an Italian dish. Thus, not all pasta dishes tops with meat, only the signature dishes like “al Forno” is topped with chicken.

2.     The Traditional Thin Crust Pizza:

14 Interesting Italian Food Facts
14 Interesting Italian Food Facts

 Italy homes vast variations of pizza, but always maintains a thin crust pizza.

3.     Italian’s Light Breakfast Fact:

Therefore, breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a healthy lifestyle, but an exciting food fact is that Italy eats light breakfast. Thus, the main or the only component of their breakfast is a cappuccino or café latte.

4.     Pepperoni Pizza – Not Of Italian Origin:

 A fun Italian food fact is that Pepperoni pizzas originate in the USA, not Italy.

5.     Italy’s Homes Almost 600 Varieties Of Pasta Shapes:

To start with, Italy homes over six hundred varieties of pasta of different sizes such as ravioli, penne or tubes, Spaghetti, curly spirals, and many more to name.

Italian Food Facts:

6.     Pasta An Everyday Meal:

Like an apple a day, many Italian folks eat just pasta every day. Moreover, some people are very picky, but there are ‘n’ numbers of ways pasta uses are in a meal.

7.     An Average Consumption Of Pasta Each Year:

An average of 51 pounds of pasta consumption occurs every year.

8.     Not A Fan Of Garlic:

To start with, the idea that Italians eat garlic bread is a myth, as Italians often prefer plain bread meals and rarely use garlic butter. Their concept of seasoning is using fewer ingredients.

9.     They Have A Rule Of Not Walking While Eating:

Therefore, Italians consider walking while eating to be very disrespectful as food is said to sit and enjoy the food. Therefore, another exciting food fact is Italians don’t use it while dining in the company.

10. “Tiramisu”- A Modern Italy Dessert:

The most relished delicacy Tiramisu originated around the 1970s somewhere in the Veneto region in Venice. Thus, this layered sweet is a stuffing of savoiardi biscuits or cookies with a spoonful of mascarpone cream. This fancy dessert word Tiramisu actually means “pick me up.”

Italian Food Facts Continued:

11. The 3 Signature On An Italian Dinner Table:

Moreover, in all Italian homes, the standard Italian dishes are wine, bread, and water, always on the dinner table.

12. There Are Almost 300 Varieties Of Grapes In Italy:

14 Interesting Italian Food Facts
14 Interesting Italian Food Facts

Therefore, Italy homes around 300 varieties of grapes. Here, the land of cultural heritage grows some of the best Italian grape varieties!

13. In Italy, You Main course Is Lunch:

Thus, the Italian meal “il pranzo” is the main course of the day. A lot of preference to Lunch over breakfast happens.

14. The Simple, Plain Pizza: The authentic mouth-watering Italian pizza is the pizza Margherita. Thus, the mouth-watering pizza Margherita contains a basic recipe of dough, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and basil.

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