Italian Dishes Pasta-Dos And Donts To Follow

Italian Dishes Pasta

Do you want to make pasta the way Italians do? If you have been to an Italian restaurant, then you know how tasty and creamy it is. Now you can cook Italian dishes, pasta to perfection, and you will never know the difference. You might argue that you have already tried, and it turned out to be a mess. But that might have been because you did not follow the excellent tips and tricks. But do not worry anymore because now we are here to help you out! Check these do’s and don’ts, and you will know where you went wrong.

Do NOT Put Oil – Italian Dishes Pasta

Pasta and fries on a plate

Most people make the mistake of putting oil in the water or the pasta because they feel it might stick together. But you will end up having a very greasy and sticky pasta, and the taste will not be right at all. Just water is enough for the pasta, and the taste will be intact.

Fit The Pot Accurately

Make sure that the water is cold and fresh when you are filling the pot. The pasta can expand and cook with perfection when you do that. The water should also balance the heat and make sure that the temperature is not too much so that the boil does not mess with the pasta texture. The thumb rule says that there should be at least three liters of water for every 250 grams of pasta.

Salt The Water Ideally

The pasta experts say that salting the water is essential so that there is enough seasoning on the pasta. Then only the pasta will have the correct flavor. If you do not know the accurate measurement, then three liters of water should have about 1tbsp of salt.

The Water Should be Boiling- Italian Dishes Pasta

Do not add the pasta just because the water is hot. In fact, you should put the water to a boil before you add the pasta. Otherwise, the starch will absorb more water, and the pasta will be very sticky. No matter what noodles you out in, the cooking should not be improper. No matter how many ingredients you add, the taste will be wrong if the pasta cooking is a mess.

Check The Package

If you are unsure about any pasta, then you should check out the package. There are numerous testing methods, and you should read the package. There is a lot of brand variety, and they can take a long or short time to boil. Therefore you should check out the instructions and cook the pasta accordingly. Also, try to save some of the water in which you cooked the pasta because you will have to add it later. Instead of drying, try draining the pasta- otherwise, all of the moisture will move off.

The Sauce Should Be Ready- Italian Dishes Pasta

Ensure that all the ingredients are ready before you cook the pasta because the noodles should not be cold before you can mix it all. Of course, you would not want the pasta to be gluey and yucky.


Italian dishes pasta making is a really complicated process, and here are the things that you should follow. You will have no regrets, and the pasta will turn out to be just fine.

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