Italian Chicken-3 Dishes That Chicken Lovers Will Enjoy

Italian chicken

When I was a child and my mom cooked pasta, I used to eat all the bowl myself as I love Italian dishes. And you can’t deny the fact that Italian cuisine is globally loved by everyone. Italian chicken dishes have taken over all the dishes people use to eat. In almost every Asian country, Italian food is very common among people. As people love to eat pizza, pasta, and other chicken dishes. There is a large variety of pasta available as there are many kinds of pasta. Moreover, Italian dishes mostly contain cheese because the best cheese in the world is made in Italy. Therefore, we are going to discuss below 3 Italian chicken dishes that chicken lovers will go crazy about.

3 Chicken Italian Dishes:

  • Calzone:

This is one of the best Italian dishes that you can serve at dinner. Calzon, or folded pizza, has the shape of small pockets. These pockets are sausages, cheese, vegetables, pepper. Firstly, you need to prepare its dough with yeast, flour, and water. Mix them well and then cover it for 40 minutes almost until it becomes double and fluffy. Then, put all the filling inside the dough and roll them and then cut into two pieces. Lastly, bake it in a preheated oven.

  • Italian Sandwich:

The Italian hoagie sandwich is for the people who love food and especially delicious food. It is a very much ideal lunch as it includes cherry mixes with mayonnaise to make a sandwich creamy and mouth-watering. The total time required to cook this Italian sandwich is almost 20 minutes. You can add two types of sauces in it- the pickled cherry spread and the red wine vinaigrette.

Italian sandwich
  • Spaghetti Carbonara:

Small bites of chicken cooked with boiled noodles, onions, egg, carrots, capsicum, and some cheddar cheese to make carbonara pasta bowl ready for your dinner. You can easily cook this pasta as it does not require much time and it is also not so spicy. Firstly, you have to boil noodles and then you can add the marinated and fried chicken and vegetables in it. Similar to spaghetti there is Italian lasagna pasta. You can use marinated chicken and noodles with a white creamy sauce to make the lasagna pasta more delicious.

Spaghetti Carbonara


Well, it is true that so many restaurants in Italy are named as pizza factory because Italian people prefer eating pizza. Moreover, some other dishes of chicken also resemble pizza because people add too much cheese in them and also bake them in the oven like pizza. Italian chicken becomes so tasty when you load it with sauces and cheese. Italy is the main producer of cheese. So, if you want to try something new, you must opt for Italian recipes as it can add new flavor to your food. And for that, you can search the Internet for new recipes or you can see videos of cooking on YouTube to learn about the Italian flavorful dishes.

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