How To Make Chili Paste From Fresh Peppers


We all love eating spicy food as it gives us the necessary taste and kicks. But using artificial chili from the market can be harmful. Because of this, it is always better to prepare the fresh chili paste that will make things better for you. Here we have an all-purpose chili paste recipe that consists of sweet chili peppers and seasonings.

You can make use of the same as a condiment, sauce, spread, or you can also choose to swirl the same into other recipes. It will provide the much-needed heat and flavor boost to your dish. But the question is, how do you make fresh chili paste with sweet chili peppers at your home?

Why Have Fresh Chili Paste At Home?

Fresh Chili Paste – How To Make Chili Paste From Fresh Peppers
Fresh Chili Paste – How To Make Chili Paste From Fresh Peppers

Chili pastes are nothing short of amazing, and they surely rock. To be honest, they are the key to many recipes and cuisines throughout the world. Every part of the world has its version of chili paste, and this includes the local chilies and some other ingredients.

They can also help in taming a bit of that lovely heat while mellowing out the taste and flavor of raw pepper in your dish. Moreover, it is an all-purpose condiment that you can use without any hassle in any of the cuisines that you cook. You can choose to make some during the weekend and then use it throughout the week. Here, we have the best recipe, which also includes a little bit of cumin, fresh garlic, and this will compliment your dish like never before.

How Do You Get It Ready On Your Kitchen Counter?

You can prepare the chili paste with the help of dried peppers, but make sure that you rehydrate them first. Most of the adhesives consist of dried pods, but using fresh is equally good. You can choose to apply this recipe in any pepper that you want to use. If you’re going to start, you should first get the pepper from the market.

There are many uses of the chili paste as you can add it to your soup for extra heat and flavor. Along with this, you can use it as a spread in your sandwich. Moreover, you can drop a few drops in your meat mixture, making them taste better. Along with this, you can use it to marinade the fish and chicken in your kitchen. You can add it to your stew for that extra oomph and also mix it with mayo or sour cream for a quick and delicious dipper.

Fresh Chili Paste – How To Make Chili Paste From Fresh Peppers
Fresh Chili Paste – How To Make Chili Paste From Fresh Peppers

For making it in your kitchen, you can start by adding the peppers and the other ingredients like garlic and onion into a food processor. And after this, you have to process it until they are finely chopped. After this, shift it to a pot with olive oil and cook it in low flame for around twenty minutes while stirring occasionally. You can add the seasonings and then cook it for another five minutes. Later allow it to cool down and then shift to a jar.