How To Make Carbonara – The French Kitchen Style Of Cooking

How to Make Carbonara - The French Kitchen Style of Cooking

Carbonara is the Italian creation of two generations ago. It was created by Filippo Fano and the recipe was given to his family by his wife Rita. The family is from Parma in Italy and the carbonara is a dish that has Italian origin. Here is how to make Carbonara the french kitchen style of cooking.

In the early ages, the carbonara was not even served as the main dish at the family table. It was only served as a side dish. It was then when the carbonara recipe was passed on to the next generation. The next generations were the ones who started to cook it with different variations in cooking.

How To Make Carbonara - The French Kitchen Style Of Cooking
How To Make Carbonara – The French Kitchen Style Of Cooking

There are lots of recipes available on the market and from the local grocer. There are variations, which were cooked by famous chefs. But none of them ever actually made carbonara a family dish. This is why the origins of carbonara still remain a mystery.

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Carbonara is basically a marinara sauce with tomato, olive oil, garlic, and basil. It is generally stirred in the slow cooker, which was previously used for the preparation of meat. It is served as a dinner in Italy and as a side dish in other countries.

This popular method is making it a family dish. This is because carbonara is known to be a signature dish of Italy has a well-known cuisine which it also uses. There are two types of carbonate, the Italian carbonara, and the tomato carbonara.

The tomato carbonara is a thin sauce that is normally cooked in low heat. While the Italian carbonara has tomato paste and is cooked in high heat. Tomato paste has tomato juice and olive oil added to it. Olive oil and garlic are other ingredients that are incorporated into the Italian carbonara.

Thai Carbonara

The next type of carbonara is Thai carbonara. This is cooked using the same ingredients as Italian carbonara but it is prepared to use Thai style ingredients. Some of the ingredients include butter, garlic, and Thai curry paste. Coconut milk is also included. Coconut milk has the consistency of ice cream and it is served with lime juice.

There are also a lot of variations on the basic recipe for carbonara. The taste varies depending on the brand of tomato and the quality of ingredients, which are used in the preparation.

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Carbonara can be prepared in different ways. The dish can be prepared as meatballs or rice balls, or tomato and cheese. There are also different types of carbonate, such as a certain variation which is known as special, seafood, etc. The ingredients used in different variations of carbonate may vary and they may be different from the traditional ingredients.

So, the question of how to make carbonara is not only answered. It is also answered in various ways. To answer this question, we have to go back to ancient times and see where the carbonara came from.

How To Make Carbonara - The French Kitchen Style Of Cooking
How To Make Carbonara – The French Kitchen Style Of Cooking


Since the Italian Carbonara has an Italian origin, then the question of how to make carbonate may also be looked into this aspect. To tell you the truth, I am not sure that I will ever know the answer to this question. I guess this is why I say the origin of carbonate remains a mystery. In any case, it is a dish that has been a part of Italian cuisine for years.

From tomato and garlic to seafood and coconut milk, all of these have their own distinct taste. When making carbonara, you can use the traditional ingredients or you can use the different variations which are prepared with your preference.

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