All About The Healthy Tiramisu Recipe

Healthy Tiramisu Recipe

Who doesn’t like Tiramisu? Almost everyone likes this dessert. Tiramisu is an Italian cake or dessert. The meaning of Tiramisu is also quite amusing as it means ‘Pick me Up’ in English. To make Tiramisu, Savoiardi biscuits, egg yolks, coffee, sugar, mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and liquor are the ingredients used in the traditional recipes. But over the years, the traditional ingredients have been substituted by others due to ease of finding ingredients. Like savoiardi biscuits are replaced with sponge cakes, instead of egg yolks, people use whipped cream, and also make their additions to the recipe for the added flavors. The tiramisu recipe given below serves three people.

Ingredients Of Tiramisu Recipe

Healthy Tiramisu Recipe
Healthy Tiramisu Recipe
  • Whipping cream ½ cup
  • Mascarpone cheese ½ cup at room temperature
  • Stevia Sugar 1/6 cup (depending upon your taste)
  • Vanilla extract ½ teaspoon
  • Brandy or Kahlua ½ tablespoon (Optional)
  • Strong Coffee 1 cup at room temperature
  • Ladyfingers (Savoiardi Biscuits) ½ pack
  • Cocoa powder for Dusting

Recipe Of Tiramisu Recipe

First Step Of Tiramisu Recipe

Take Whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl and beat it nicely till it becomes soft.

Second Step Of Tiramisu Recipe

Now add Mascarpone cheese and the liquor you are using and continue to whip the mixture till the stiff peaks.

Third Step

Dip the ladyfingers in coffee, and later in the alcohol, you are using. Place these ladyfingers as a layer in the pan you are using to set the Tiramisu. Word of caution is that dunk the ladyfinger in the coffee and liquor. Please do not soak the ladyfingers as they absorb the liquid very quickly, which would make them crumble.

Fourth Step

Now spread a thick layer of the whipped cream and Mascarpone cheese mixture on top of the ladyfingers. Now make another layer of ladyfingers dunked in coffee and liquor if using and on top of it the final layer of the whipped cream mixture.

Fifth Step

Using a knife, even out the topmost layer of the whipped cream and mascarpone cheese mixture. Take a sieve and put the cocoa powder in it. Now dust this cocoa powder on the top of the Tiramisu. Dust the cocoa powder evenly.

Healthy Tiramisu Recipe
Healthy Tiramisu Recipe

Sixth Step

Refrigerate this layer of ladyfingers and the whipped cream mixture for a minimum of 3-4 hours. For the best result, it is advisable to refrigerate this overnight. It helps the whole dessert to set well and serve the dessert cold to your guests.
Alternatively, instead of the whole pan, one can experiment and use small or medium size fancy glass and set the layer of ladyfingers and whipped cream mixture one by one and top it with the cocoa powder and refrigerate the desserts as per the number of guests. This method is much easier to serve.

Another experiment that people do if ladyfingers, i.e., Savoiardi biscuits, are unavailable, can be replaced with sponge cake. Make a layer of coffee and liquor dunked sponge cake and mixture of whipped cream and the final layer of cocoa powder and let it set in the refrigerator.
This dessert is easy to prepare and helps in saving a lot of time as it can be made a day before. It tastes best when it is cold. No wonder it is a dessert that cannot go wrong when prepared as well as when eaten.

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