Great Italian Dishes On The Pasta House Menu - Great Italian Dishes On The Pasta House Menu -

Great Italian Dishes On The Pasta House Menu

It’s time to change the pasta house menu. If you want to impress your guest, have something that they are going to love to order on a regular basis. If you want to impress your friends, try one of these recipes.

Great Italian Dishes On The Pasta House Menu
Great Italian Dishes On The Pasta House Menu

Linguine With Cipollini Beans

Though it may not be as delicious as fettuccine or linguine, it is still a staple on the true pasta lovers’ menu. It is good for vegetarian food lovers and good for people who like to eat dairy.

Chicken Parmesan: Made with chicken breast, parmesan cheese, and olive oil. It is a healthy meal. In fact, you can even eat it plain if you don’t like it too much. This dish is a great side dish for fish, as well.

Bianco, Bolognese, or Sopressata: How about spaghetti all rolled up in a puffy roll, with a light tomato sauce? Bella’s menu does not disappoint. One of the best things about this menu is that the sauces and fillings vary from entree to entree. You can find anything from one of the famous dips to something more vegetarian.

Clams in Herring Tomato Sauce: What is a clam without tomato sauce? The chicken is also good with the dish. This Italian style dish is very popular and comes in all different varieties.

Chicken Parmesan

What is a chicken without a cheese topping? Not much to this one. You will enjoy this one as well as most of the other pasta house menus. Have the favorite herb, garlic, or oregano sauce with this one.

Pepperoni Pizza: Think Italian pizza minus the crust. What do you get? Well, you get pepperoni pizza topped with mozzarella cheese. It is a variation of the classic pizza but, it is definitely a mouthful. This Italian specialty is good for a family meal.

Orecchiette: If you don’t want to eat spaghetti squash, you might want to try this Italian dish. It is basically an orecchiette with vegetables added on top. It is great with fish or chicken and you can add other types of veggies if you like.

Spaghettini: This dish is a good one for vegetarians. It is made with chicken, spaghetti squash, and tomato sauce. You might think that it is not healthy but, it is filled with vegetables and meat that you will actually like. A great Italian dish.

Caesar Salad

Another variation of the classic salad. A Caesar salad consists of chopped salad greens, which are mixed with grated Parmesan cheese and added with vinaigrette dressing. This is a traditional salad but, it is also a great meal.

These are just a few of the various Italian dishes that you can try on the pasta house menu. Choose the ones that sound good to you and look for them online, at your local store, or at a restaurant near you. Good luck!

Great Italian Dishes On The Pasta House Menu
Great Italian Dishes On The Pasta House Menu

Pasta With Beef or Pork: Most families love to have spaghetti with beef or pork. This Italian staple is a favorite on the regular Italian menu. It is easy to make and so delicious. Try this dish on a special occasion and you will know why so many families like to order it.

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