Four Different Types Of Pasta You Must Try

types of pasta

Pasta is the national dish of Italy because it originated from Italy and mainly found in the Italian food column. But now, it has also become very common in Asian countries. Pasta is mainly made from wheat flour and other types of flour. Hence, when it comes to making pasta, most people fry it separately and then add soup or sauces in it. It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Italian pasta is the most delicious dish. Long pasta is known as noodles while the short pasta is macaroni. Recently, there are more than a hundred types and shapes of pasta available in the market and it is very difficult to decide which pasta is best and healthy for you. Below are four different types of pasta that you must try:

types of pasta

Four Types of Pasta

  • Angel Hair Pasta:

It is the very easiest form of pasta as it requires only five to ten minutes in cooking. The long thread shaped pasta is similar to noodles. It’s especially a lightweight treat for diet conscious people. Because there is no need to add many sauces in it, just soupy sauces can make it delicious. You can easily eat it by wrapping the noodles around your fork. It is the best homemade pasta.

  • Macaroni:

You can call this round, hollow shaped pasta macaroni or even elbow macaroni. Because it also resembles the shape of the elbow curve. To make it ready to eat, all you need to add vegetables and cheesy sauce along with some tomato sauce. These sauces make it a mouth-watering pasta.

  • Farfalle:

This type of pasta is also called bow-tie because it is slightly deep from center and fun to eat. To make it, you need to use olive oil and tomato sauce along with some vegetables like eggplant. It also requires almost ten to twelve minutes to cook in boiling water. This is the best pasta salad that you can make easily at home.

  • Fusilli:

The most common type of pasta that a majority of people love to eat all around the world. It is the screw shape pasta that is known as fusilli. To prepare this type of pasta, you need to have white thick and creamy or cheesy sauce. It takes a lot of time to cook; about ten to fifteen minutes are enough with boiling water. Pasta is a very healthy diet for you when you cook it properly.

types of pasta


Thus, many types of pasta have evolved these but the four types that have been discussed above are the most delicious one. Pasta is one of the most diet-conscious foods for people who only eat healthy food. And when you combine it with vegetables and beans, it becomes the most nutritious food one could have daily. So, whenever you feel bored with the same old traditional foods, you must opt for something new and flavorful. Because only food can change your ruined mood into a good one. But, don’t forget about your health and try to eat healthy food.

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