Foods To Eat In Italy: Top 9 That You Should Know


Do you know what the most challenging thing about Italy is? It is failing to taste all the dishes in this country. The options are endless, whereas you have limited time and limited space in the stomach. Regional delicacies, fresh preparations, and seasonal specialties – Italy offers everything. Here, I have tried to list the most iconic foods to eat in Italy. Have a look so that you do not miss them during your trip to this fantastic country.

Foods To Eat In Italy: Top 9 That You Should Know
Foods To Eat In Italy: Top 9 That You Should Know

Foods To Eat In Italy – Bruschetta

It is an antipasto dish. It is nothing but grilled bread that comes with lots of fresh veggies, crushed garlic, and tomatoes. Some bruschetta is topped with mushrooms and garlic, as well. If you are looking for a traditional Italian starter, this is it!

Focaccia Bread

You can’t say no to this baked caramelized bread. The dough is freshly made, and olives, fresh basil, tomatoes, grated parmesan, and caramelized onions are added to the top before baking.

Foods To Eat In Italy – Pasta Carbonara

The word Carbone means coal. The coal miners are very fond of this tasty dish, and hence, it got its name. Though in the authentic recipe, people used the cheek of pigs or Guanciale, nowadays, people use bacon due to its unavailability.

Margherita Pizza

How many of you fancy a fresh pizza? I guess everyone. So, when you are in Italy, you can’t afford to miss this most famous dish. Only a few ingredients can lead to such an excellent result – you can’t imagine that till you have a bite of the Margherita pizza. The combination of tomatoes, lots of mozzarellas, and fresh basil take the pizza to another level!

Mushroom Risotto

If you want to have Italian lunch, opt for the buttery risotto loaded with mushrooms. A plate of risotto will provide you with vitamins, protein, and also antioxidants. It is easy to make. So, you can certainly give it a try at home when your tongue wants to have something Italian.


This oven-baked pasta dish will titillate your taste buds. Made with loads of cheese, pasta, ground beef, or pork, lasagna offers a kick of flavors in your mouth. If you want to make its vegetarian version, add zucchini and spinach instead of meat. If you prefer white lasagna, avoid using the tomato sauce.

Foods To Eat In Italy – Tiramisu

In the Italian language, this word means pick me up. And this dessert will compel you to have them. Made with coffee-soaked sponge fingers and layered with creamy mascarpone, this dessert will satisfy your sweet craving.

Foods To Eat In Italy: Top 9 That You Should Know
Foods To Eat In Italy: Top 9 That You Should Know

Pistachio Panna Cotta

When you are having Italian meals, you should end it the Italian way too! And nothing is better than this panna cotta. Prepared with cream, gelatin, and milk, this dessert is chilled and served with chopped pistachios on the top. The most important thing is you can make this Italian delicacy very quickly at home by using a few ingredients.


It is a yummy dish trendy in Italy. Boiled cornmeal is used to make it. Either you can serve them as mashed potatoes or fill a bread loaf with the boiled cornmeal and bake it before serving.