Eating Out In Italy-Must Try Antipasti Platter


Italy has so much for its visitors. From architecture to food and natural beauty, Italy is a perfect place to visit. Traveling to Italy and thinking about the food? There is a lot to try out. Italian cuisine is one of the best cuisines so far. Moreover, the healthier versions of Italian food are tempting enough to crave for. Although it’s nearly impossible to eat out every traditional food, some are must-haves while eating out in Italy. Antipasti platter is one of those delicacies that you can’t miss eating.


Things You Must Know About Antipasti Platter

Below are some things that you must know about antipasti or antipasto. So, look at these!

Meaning of the Term Antipasti

Many people misunderstand the word by taking it as a portion before pasta. But, it is derived from a Latin root, ‘anti’ meaning ‘before’ and ‘paste’ meaning meal. Hence, it is a kind of appetizer.

Cooking Styles Of Antipasti

It can be hot or cold, raw or cooked. Further, you can serve it individually or in a single platter for all. Antipasti platter, plural of an antipasto platter, is a combination of colors and flavors along with nutrients. Firstly, it has cured meat, fresh veggies, and fruits, different cheese, and flavor boost.


Usually, in Italy, busy people often go for quick recipes at home. As the children and working parents are hungry, they get over any snack and require urgent meals. There is no appetizer routine at home. So, the antipasti platter is for restaurants most, probably. Nevertheless, it is a dish of formal occasions and gatherings to serve before the dynamic meal.

The colorful and creative presentation is to relax and satisfy yourself. The pure flavors and aroma is the reason behind its importance. It is the door to the savory and finger-licking meals for your guests. More, it is full of nutrients and yummiest serving to increase the cravings.

Types of Antipasti Platters

Antipasti platter is a platter full of varieties. A perfect blend of various flavors and nutrients. You can add meats, veggies, fruits, spices, pieces of bread, seafood and cheese. However, the combo depends on regional choices. The most liked way is serving it with wine and other liquors. It can be simple or advanced.

The simple platter may include:

  • Artichokes hearts, Camembert cheese, and water crackers.
  • Garlic stuffed olives, sliced tomatoes with Italian dressing, and sliced Havarti cheese.
  • Roasted nuts, chunks of fresh cantaloupe, and shaved prosciutto.

Similarly, the advanced platter has so much for you. Advanced antipasti platter includes all the flavors of deli meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and seafood. Hence, it is more likely to serve in shorter gatherings. Conversely, for bigger events, simple platters are best to keep your guests hungry enough to eat out the main courses.


Final Words

Antipasti platter is on the top of the menu of many Italian restaurants. They serve it with several tasty variations. However, the variations depend on the choices of different people from different areas. The fragrance and flavors are the specialties of an antipasti platter. Well, the typical creativity and innovation of the platter make it more worthy. So, if you are traveling or even dream to travel to Italy, never forget to try this platter out.

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