You Must-Try The Eight Roman Food

roman food

Traveling to Italy? And thinking about what to eat? Then, you need to go through this article. Italian cuisine is famous and delicious enough to hold you in Italy. Every region of Italy has some best variations to serve you. Among other cities, Rome is presenting something beyond your expectations. Also, Roman food and culture are attractive enough to make you visit the place again.

The Finger-Licking Roman Food

Roman food is so yummy and satisfying. The exquisite delicacies make you feel excited about them. Either its Italian meatballs or suppli, roman dishes are finger-licking.

Using fresh and seasonal ingredients is a secret to this delicious cuisine. Also, the variation in veggies or sauces creates a whole new taste. Even if we talk about pasta, there are many variations like pasta salad, lasagna, ravioli, red sauce pasta and much more. All these different recipes with the same main ingredient are a secret to the yummiest Roman cuisine.

Roman Food

8 Roman Food That You Can’t-Miss Eating

Roman food not only revolves around pizza or calzone but it has various other savories. Here is a list of top 8 demanding roman foods.

Carciofi Alla Romana

It is actually artichokes. Carciofi is one of the best roman dishes. The authentic way of preparing carciofi is mouth-watering. Because of the filling of breadcrumbs, garlic, mint, and parsley, the artichokes are tempting. They cook and serve it but a Jewish version uses a frying way.


Delicious appetizers are proof of perfect cuisine. Therefore, suppli is a must-try. Suppli is the rice balls in which they fill ragu and mozzarella. In addition to the rice flavor, deep-frying makes them super yummy.

Carbonara: One of The Best Roman Food

Lover of pasta? Then you must try a roman pasta, carbonara. This ancient roman appetizer is full of flavors with some simple and healthy ingredients.

Filetti di Baccala

Another most tempting fried item is Baccala. It is a codfish with some salt over it. The coat of simple eggs makes a baccala different from other fried items.

Coda Alla Vaccinara

Coda Alla Vaccinara is one of the bold roman foods. Because it relates to the Quinto quarto cooking way, it is healthier enough. It comprises stewing an oxtail and veggies like celery, onions, aromatic herbs, etc.


It is a famous sweet dish for kids and adults too. We can bake the bun in different ways with a pastry and cappuccino. Also, it is a perfect breakfast option.

Saltimbocca Alla Romana

in short, it is a lip-smacking food item by the use of veal. First, the cook marinates the ham or sage in white wine. Then use it as a topping or lining for veal slices. It is unique and delightful dishes around the globe.

Bucatini all’ Amatriciana

A unique yet yummy version of pasta is here. It is a perfect blend of bucatini and pancetta. Red chili flakes, black pepper, tomatoes, and parmesan makes it a finger-licking dish.

roman food

Conclusion About Roman Food:

There is a long list of traditional and classic dishes to fulfill your cravings. But, these 8 items are on the top. You can’t miss a chance to have them at least once. Moreover, Roman food leaves you amazed about the exciting flavors.

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