8 Italian Food Recipes You Should Try When In Europe

Italian Food Recipes

Italy never stops enticing both locals and travelers into its finest cuisines. So, if you’re a traveler who plans on exploring Europe, why not stop by Italy to taste the finest Italian food recipes? Here are some of the best dishes the Boot has to offer. Go on and try, even though they’re irresistible!


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This Italian food list wouldn’t be complete without lasagne. This awesome dish is usually made by adding layers of cheese, veggies, ground meat and tomato sauce into sheets of lasagne pasta. It may also be topped with grated mozzarella. So, if you happen to be in Italy, why not order some?


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Pizza is one of the most iconic traditional Italian dishes of all time. When thinking of pizza, you might associate it with Margherita. It’s because pizza Margherita is a simple, yet tasty dish. Due to its popularity, almost any pizzeria in Italy has it. Usually, it’s a thin-crust pizza topped with basil, garlic, olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese.


Arancini are golden brown and stuffed rice balls. It’s typically fried after being coated with breadcrumbs. Additionally, these rice balls are usually filled tomato sauce, mozzarella, ragu, and peas. All across Italy, there are different variations of arancini due to Italy’s regional diversity. It’s commonly made with different fillings and shapes, depending on the region.

Osso Buco Alla Milanese

For those who love meat, this cuisine is for you. It is best served with an array of veggies, and usually partnered with white wine. A serving of lemon zest, parsley, and garlic is usually added to complete the dish. However, it doesn’t end there because the best part is scooping the creamy marrow from the veal.


This Italian dish contains slices of veal, and topped with herb leaves and prosciutto. These are then sauteed until the meat becomes tender enough. The meat used can either be chicken or mutton. A perfect serving of saltimbocca promises a “melts-in-your-mouth” experience. Since this is one of the all-time favorites across Italy, it should definitely not to be missed.


This is one of the Italian favorites, and usually refers to cured ham, served uncooked then cut into slices. Additionally, it may be wrapped around slices of cheese varieties. If you’re up into some prosciutto in town, trying to visit Italy’s central and northern regions.


Traditionally a “poor man’s food,” this hearty food is regarded as Tuscany’s most important delicacies. It is usually a delicious potage made with veggies and bread. You can also find this meal in eateries around Florence.


Tiramisu is a well-known Italian dessert that is made up of ladyfingers, eggs, coffee, mascarpone cheese, sugar, and cocoa. Most restaurants in Rome serve the best home-made tiramisu Italy has to offer. Moreover, there are some creative chefs who put some innovative twists to come up with varieties like ch’tiramisu, or fruit and chocolate tiramisu.

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