8 Interesting Facts About Italian Pasta

Italian pasta

Pasta, a name that brings taste and happiness to us. It is a staple that one can’t miss eating. Italian pasta is one of the most popular and delightful dishes around the world. It is a simple yet flavor-boosting platter. Therefore, being a pasta lover, you might think that you know everything about pasta. There are many exciting and interesting facts about pasta you should know.

Italian Pasta

8 Interesting Facts about Pasta

Pasta is made from a mixture of dough and water. For a yummy serving, you can buy it from the store or can make homemade pasta. Making homemade pasta is fun but it is time-consuming. In this article, we are going to describe some surprising and interesting facts about pasta.

  • Not From Italy

Yes, you read it correctly. China is the origin of the pasta in actual, not Italy. Most of us never heard of it but it’s true. Later, Italian people introduced it but after a long time. 

  • Sauces And Their Late Period

As tomatoes were not native to Europe, there was no tomato sauce for pasta. People used to eat them with red sauce for a long time. Then, Spanish explorer brought tomatoes and an iconic combo of tomato and pasta took place In Italy.

  • A Long List of Names And Types of Pasta

There is a huge range of pasta names and types of pasta. Well, more than 600 hundred types and names are available for a single hearty food, pasta.

  • Know About American Pasta

Thomas Jefferson brought pasta to America for the first time and now, pasta is one of American’s favorites.

  • Happier And Healthier Meal

As Italian cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines, pasta is on the top. It is full of nutrients and good for health.

  • Different Meaning From Different Languages

Roman food has several health benefits and its all dishes especially pasta is popular everywhere. Pasta has various meanings in several languages. Hence, the word was originated from Greek and Latin meaning barley porridge and dough pastry cake, respectively. Different shapes have different names too.

  • High Export Level

The export rate of pasta is increasing day by day. Pasta has become one of the most beloved food items around the globe.

  • Checking the Flour

How to check the flour? The leading founder, Pietro Barilla used to check the flour by sprinkling it on the sleeve then jerking it off. If no traces are left, the flour is perfect and fine for the pasta making.

Italian Pasta

Conclusion About Italian Pasta:

Italian people prefer eating a lot of pasta even every day, therefore, they are perfectly fit and healthy. You can serve this healthy item as a proper meal or a simple yet appetizing pasta salad. People used to eat pasta from hands when there were no sauces. However, more than 600 shapes and extra craving varieties are enough to fulfill your diet requirements and pangs of hunger.

Moreover, you can serve this tempting Italian pasta in many ways with a blast of flavors to satisfy your taste buds. The above surprising facts were to amaze you about your favorite meal. So, your pasta has so much to tell you before you eat it. 

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