7 Things To remember To Follow Italian Food Traditions

Italian Food Traditions

No one can deny that Italians are better when it comes to food than the rest of the world. Also, Italy is more like a cluster of different cultures, but certain Italian food traditions hold in the entire region. And this piece of article you will find 7 Italian food traditions that teach us some inevitable lessons.

Follow These Italian Food Traditions To Do As The Italians Do

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Do Not Butter The Bread.

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Italians use bread as a supporting role. No one prefers to soak it in olive oil or drenched with vinegar, but it is meant for soaking up the leftover sauce. So if you want to eat like Italians, always remember that it never fills up your bread.

Serve Courses

In Italian food traditions, the meal begins with a starter. After finishing this starter, one goes for primo. Primo can vary from reason to reason and according to the seasons, including pasta, risotto, etc. However, the Italians also serve meat or fish along with cooked vegetables or salad. Nevertheless, the desserts are to be eaten at the end of the course. The main idea behind this approach is to slow down the pace of the meal. Of course, Italians do not eat everything in a single course but order remains same whenever they have a proper meal course.

Hammer The Vegetables

Everyone is aware of Italian pasta and its mouth-watering taste. But you will love to know that in Italian food traditions vegetables can not give gentle cooking treatment. Italians believe that even though excessive roasting can break the vegetables and affect their look, the flavor and texture due to overcooking are fantastic. Therefore they prefer cooking over gentle cooking treatment.

Think Local For Wine Pairings

Instead of going for international brands of wine, try to have something local while having Italian food. In Italian food traditions, the Average family spends only 12 euros per month on the local wine and food. Some of the pairings that are common in Italy are:

Pair Margherita pizza,

Native to Naples, with mineral-rich white wines made near Mt. Vesuvius.

Rome’s carbonara naturally pairs with Cesanese del Piglio.

Eat Fruits For Dessert.

Whenever you wish to eat something sweet, it eats fruits as per the season. For example, during the spring season, you can eat a small bowl of strawberries or cherries for desserts.

Cut Back On Cold Cuts.

In Italian food traditions, you will find that quality is given more importance over quantity. So if you go to the market in Italy and want to eat a sandwich, always prefer the one having the least ingredients so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Do Not Trim Prosciutto.

Under Italian food traditions, you can serve them in thin slices along with melon or mature seeds. However, if you trim the prosciutto, you might end up with a loss in the flavor and texture of this delicious item.


If you wish to do as the Italians do, you need to follow all the above-stated 7 Italian food traditions. Each way teaches us a very valuable lesson and also offers us something delicious to eat.

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