6 All-Time Favorite Italian Breakfast Dishes

Italian breakfast

Breakfast is a recharging meal. The early morning diet keeps you active all day long. Every country has its meal structures depending on the climate changing as well. Italians are more into lunch and supper. Italian breakfast is lighter and they also divide it into small portions. Because they have two or three snack times the focus on breakfast is less. Well, Italians prefer the mid-morning snack time.

Italian Breakfast

Italian Breakfast

They love to have breakfast within a shorter time like eating while standing or in the bar. Certainly, they enjoy lighter and quick breakfasts. Their breakfast comprises a coffee most of the time. But the breakfast structure has some other favorites too. Also, they prefer a healthy diet so they always include the fruits and veggies in their meals. The Italian sandwich works well for a healthy and simple breakfast.

6 Favorite Italian Breakfast Dishes

Talking about breakfast dishes of Italy, these 6 dishes are favorites of most Italians. Hence, these dishes are common among the French and Spanish. Also, Italian restaurants have these treats on the top of their menu.


It is significant to know that coffee is not a food item and is not healthy to have it alone at breakfast. Italians are in love with coffee especially when it comes to breakfast options. They use coffee in their breakfast widely. Mostly, espresso or cappuccino is on the top of the list. But, for kids, hot chocolate or plain milk goes great.

Italian Breakfast Skewers:

The skewers are a good, quick breakfast option. Firstly, they thread onions and sweet Italian sausages into a skewer. Then the skewer is fried and served with bread or alone. As Italians are more into sweet and easy breakfasts, this delicacy is enough to satisfy the taste buds and hunger.


Italians call these croissants as cornetto and love to have them for their breakfast. Moreover, they prefer to eat it with coffee only.


Keeping the sweet preference on top, talking about biscotti is a must. Because it is a unique invention of Italians and one of the most favorite breakfast dishes. It is a kind of sweet bread that they bake and cut into pieces. Then they bake it again to form a biscuit-like texture. Further, they eat it by dipping in coffee.


It is an Italian breakfast tart that has boosting flavors. Above all, the crust is full of butter and they fill it with the jam or fruits of your choice.

Cheese with Bread:

Ciabatta is demanding bread in the breakfast menu of Italians. They have it by spreading ricotta or mascarpone on it.

Italian Breakfast


These are the most favorite 6 breakfast dishes, otherwise Italian breakfast includes calzone, brioche, doughnuts, panini and much more. The variation in the dishes according to your taste makes them more special and satisfying. Moreover, perfect breakfast leads to a good, active day. As we all know Italian cuisine is one of the delicious and healthy cuisines, the breakfast menu is also mouth-watering.

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